Lunar walk with photographer James Kriszyk

As the moon was rising
'As the moon was rising' – a lunar walk with James Kriszyk in Stroud Cemetery
My interest in moonlight and lunar influences is shared by friend and photographer James Krisyck, who often works at night. James’ work focuses on the fascinating man-made, whether that is contemporary monuments or neothilic sites. He photographs man made constructions which convey humankind’s wonder about the skies, as well as natural elements which make the natural world a magical place, including the sun, moon and stars.

The images in the “As the moon was rising” gallery are the result of James and Frances taking a walk one night in early April as the blood moon rose above the skyline in Stroud Cemetery. In Native American culture, this particular moon heralds entry into a new phase of the year, which calls for ritual and worship to that very moon.

It was a magical night, which may also result in further moonlight paintings.

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